flowers in the java sun

I finally understood pushMatrix() and popMatrix(). I am happy about it. Wasn’t much of a hussle. I was used to applying transformations to independent objects separately. Maybe that’s why the cube worked a bit slow (10 fps in a browser, 15 fps when running locally). Huuh, a matrix stack would have been useful.
Anyway, I brewed this:

This is not online yet, but will soon be. At first i want to take some time to organize things at mprvd.r/p55 so as to not upload all the core.jar and opengl.jar etc. all the time for a new sketch.
Remember kids, the future is generative.


3 thoughts on “flowers in the java sun

  1. i do want to figure out first how to reuse the libraries without uploading them again, so as to save space on the server. that will be soon 🙂

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