Theatre play projection update

Today the piece I did for Gabriel was screened for the first time. It turned out nice and I managed to get a good concept behind it. As it goes with most code that generates something abstract, the underlying idea may take numerous shapes. Personally, I like to think of it as responsive, generative tag cloud for the character’s (actor’s) thoughts, expressions and gestures. Here’s a screenshot:

(not the best one but time is pressing)
How does it work? It’s easy: the actor goes on reciting his monologue (yes, the theater play “Veghe” by Morris Panich is just one big monologue). I type in every word that is important, or has a special resonance, etc. (abstract tags?) and that word gets into a big rotating chaos. It pops out whenever i type it again. Multiple instances of the same word are allowed. Also, the whole business may start with a predefined list of words (list that can be anytime expanded).
This shifts the whole business to a more performance-like theater play due to the subtle interactivity insert.

Note to self: A nice expansion would be the ability to let the public send in by bluetooth their own words. Now that would be nice.


2 thoughts on “Theatre play projection update

  1. hi didi, good stuff! the screenshot looks nice, and also the use in contemporary theatre is a good one. and you are always telling me that there is nothing like that going on in buc. 😉 i can’t get the processing applet working though. it stops when initialising opengl i think. but this computer here has been known for being bad a t 3d stuff. a pity..

  2. bah. i have messed up java on this computer. java 1.5, java 1.42… i’ve lost a little control over the issue. The test applets for JOGL are working fine, but what I export isn’t working even for me in a browser.

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