Good news update

Good news, bad news. The good news is that the little interactive piece I did for that monologue (see below for details) got first prize at the mediart (romanian language link, sorry) festival. Also Gabriel (the actor) did a good job and he got an excellence award.
What I liked about our project: it was more of a performance than a theater play. The “script” was improvised, and the projection was designed to be (and , thank god, was) responsive to what the actor said/improvised, to how fast he talked etc.
What I didn’t like and criticism I received: too hypnotic/it looked too good/it distracted your attention a bit from the actor. It should have communicated more with the actor (this would require a bit more preparation time and repetitions). Interaction was too distant. And lack of sound. Yep, that would have been great. I’m sorry I didn’t have the time and will to code some solid sine basslines into it. I promise I’ll do it next time 🙂
Now works in a browser! finally.
(I had some issues with the so called java 5.0 – 1.5 – now resolved in a true discrete manner: switched back to good ‘ol 1.42)
You can dig the controls from the source, but here’s a short list:
‘1’ tags the words.
‘2’ inserts a random number (between 2 and 4 i think) of words.
‘6’ and ‘7’stand for slower or faster.
‘0’ and ‘9’ do some nice things too, background change and lights() on or off.
default: wordBuffer += key; break;

How to use:
type a word on the keyboard, then press 2. repeat this with the same word for as long as you see fit. Then type the word again and press 1. that should do the magic. repeat this with different words of your choice 🙂


3 thoughts on “Good news update

  1. holy smoley, first prize for the first public piece? well, if that’s not a good start then i don’t know what. unfortunately i did not get it running yet. i tried two windoz boxes, not of them would make me happy.

  2. competition used pwrpnt from our mutual friend, mr MS W. about making them work in a browser, probably the best solution is to upload exported apps. I’ll see to that.

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