Sound Arcs, revisiting

This video recording done with my cameraphone.
A nifty addition to the sketch – everything is inside a big sphere lighted with a spotlight, which gives us a very nice gradient to the background. Hack came off this processing discourse topic.

Windows application is here, Mac application is here. No sketch-in-a-browser for this one. The code is in the zip file.

Yep, and music credits – presenting “Urchin” – not the 70’s band google’s throwing in its searches.


5 thoughts on “Sound Arcs, revisiting

  1. this is cool, i like it, but it needs to be developed more if it is to evolve beyond a simple visualization; now take it to yet another level. I know you hate the user, but make it relevant to the needs and wants of a user.

  2. @ cavalera: well, speak into the microphone. it should work this way. [then again, it’s an application made on osx and then exported for windows: chances are problems arise]. press “a” and “s” on the keyboard several times. especially “s”.

    @ alex: there are plans for developement 🙂 some of which include monday’s exam, but hehe. we shall see.

    @ nuiman: yes, i’m planning to improve the effects 🙂 thanks for the kind words.

  3. i knew about the microphone, i actually shouted at it last night :p, but for an unknown reason it was on mute. problem solved now

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