Urban circulation study…

 or swarm intelligence?

Using processing to make a circulation study in a public area. It’s for the current school project. More details later.


I’ve used Shiffman‘s boids sketch as a start, and gradually started building up with some attractors, Point Obstacles (which are attractors with negative pull basically), and Linear Obstacles (which were a little bit tricky, but this helped out a lot). Also very inspirational were kokkugia‘s experiments.

When it’s nice and propper, I will  add some details and upload the code/sketch.

7 thoughts on “Urban circulation study…

  1. watch this space. in masura timpului disponibil sigur. poate facem un session comun, ca si dragos vrea (sau vroia acum ceva timp) un pseudo-studiu de circulatie d’asta. dar acum trebuie sa termin modelu 3d pentru proiect, ca maine merg la cnc.

  2. hi
    this work is really interesting, how do you draw the map of your site in processing is there a better way to do it than typing all the position of each point?

    thank you

  3. well, there might be a better way than clicking every position over a superimposed map, but how?
    I could write a special exporter for Rhino, and then some special importer in processing. It would take time though…

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