Scripts (RhinoScript): Adaptive Fenestration and Massive Unroll

As I promised, I hand out some of the scripts I’ve written in the course of the latest project.

Massive unroll Script:

Select as many surfaces as you like and then unroll each one of them.

Download it.

Adaptive fenestration script:

An interesting script that cuts holes in a surface based on the relation with a given attractor(point). I used it to generate a porous membrane for my latest project.

Download it.

Those were some scripts that have actually proven to be quite stable…

Here are some other potentially super-bugged scripts:

Faceting. – Does the same as the adaptive fenestration script only it also “facets” the seed surface.

Ribs. – My attempt (quite sucesefull) at writing a honeycomb script.


9 thoughts on “Scripts (RhinoScript): Adaptive Fenestration and Massive Unroll

  1. when I runScript, it never array the result ( they are all bundle/ stacking in one spot ) . And I also don’t see the labels. What could I have done wrong?

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