Ribbing scripts update

Thanks to Manuel, who took interest in the scripts posted earlier, we both put up some work and came up with a better result. 

English version.

Spanish version.

(they are the same)

The script works now with intersections in any direction (swithch from scale to extend line). Also handles somehow geometries that have holes inside and finnaly some little extra options added (you can choose to extend the split line or not, material thickness). 

Also, there is one think to keep in mind when using the scripts. You will sometimes get errors when using a too low absolute tolerance in Rhino. So go to Tools>Options>Units and set Absolute tolerance to 0.0000001 or something absurdly accurate.


11 thoughts on “Ribbing scripts update

  1. Thank you for compiling this post.
    I am trying to cut the grooves into a complex form but after running script there are many missing ribs, cutouts, cutouts have small saber teeth, and I feel that I have used too much of my time trying to tweak the settings to make it work. Please help
    I have increased the unit tolerance and followed your pdf word for word. I think I am missing something that is second nature for you but something new to me.
    I would appreciate anyone’s help on this. I do not want to use up more time trying to learn Grasshopper scripts/ gui.

    Thank you,

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