Grasshopper Multiple Attractors


Multiple Attractors working in Rhino’s Grasshopper, all handled in a nice VBScript Component.

Works with quite anything (initially deisgned for surfaces).

Download the definition file.

Have fun with it. I still didn’t have the time to put this to a proper, nicely rendered use and it’s been almost a month now since it’s finished. Quite fustrating.


5 thoughts on “Grasshopper Multiple Attractors

  1. didi,

    this looks like exactly what I was looking for. had been working with another attractor pattern but I was finding the resultant landscape to be too uniform – the falloff rates were too uniform or something like that…looked like spherical mounds or depressions. but i cant get your file to work – I have chosen attractor points but I am looking at a series of 2d boxes…what am i missing?

  2. and is it possible to use an attractor on a component (not surface)that was created somewhere else for example rhino?

  3. hello maciej,

    Try and have a look here. I’ve updated the thing some time ago so as to be more explicit.
    I don’t really understand your question but maybe you can be more explicit? For instance, you can scale any list of input geometry from rhino proportional to the distance to the attractor(s). If this is what you are looking for, then it’s possible.

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