Grashopper attractors working on curves


Having some more haha with the previous grashopper sketch, this time working on curves.


This is intended in some sort of terrain manipulation for the ongoing project – too bad things started shaping like some sort of electrical field/strange attractor (it has nothing to do with the above, the similarity is purely formal).


Download the .ghx file here. (right click, save target as)

Also there’s a bug in the code – something’s not working right. Initial attractors seem to have much more power than the latter. Maybe someone that takes a fresh look over the code could point out my mistakes.



There seems to be also a little glitch in provding the code for curve_gen scripting node, so here it is (copy and paste it):

y = int(y)
Dim pt As on3dPoint
Dim i As Double
i = -1
Dim crvs As New List(Of onNurbsCurve)
‘Dim arr As New List (Of on3dPoint)
Dim crvarr() As On3dPoint
ReDim crvarr(y)
For Each pt In x
i = i + 1
crvarr(i) = pt
If (i Mod (y) = 0) And (i <> 0) Then
Dim crvv As New OnNurbsCurve
crvv.CreateClampedUniformNurbs(3, 4, crvarr)
Print(“curveout ” + CStr(crvs.Count))
ReDim crvarr(y)
i = -1
End If
A = crvs
Take care,

7 thoughts on “Grashopper attractors working on curves

  1. salut! am avut o mare si foarte placuta surpriza sa gasesc situl asta mai ales pentru faptul ca in spatele lui e un rhino-scriptoman roman haha
    nice job! bune experimente.

    pentru ca acum lucrez la un stadion unde vrem sa folosim point attractors care sa defineasca practic structura si spatiile cred ca te voi contacta destul de des de acum inainte. asta daca binenteles esti deacord sa imi dai cateva sfaturi si idei.

    pornind de la definitia ta de grasshopper pe care ai postat-o voi incerca sa fac si eu niste experimente.

    ca sa vezi despre ce este vorba in proiectul nostru as vrea sa-ti trimit project thesis doar ca pentru asta cred ca ar fi mai bine sa trimit pe mail. asa ca astept adresa ta de mail si sper sa ne auzim, sa ne citim cat de curand.

    numai bine!

    [adresa mea de mail:
    yahoo messenger:
    blogul studioului:

  2. Your work is very interesting. I was looking for a way to control curves like that.
    Can you please send me or publish here a wrm file. As a novice in grasshopper, it would be really helpfull.

    thank you for your time

  3. hei dimitrie,

    it is helpfull indeed.
    I hope I could write the source code myself.:)
    Where can i find an online dictionary about this code (like in Processing) to learn more?

    I will design bridges above the moat of Nicosia, Cyprus for my thesis project and it is a nice tool to represent the curvature of the landscape that it is becoming a bridge.

    thanks again

  4. hi dimitrie,

    I am still working on the curves. I made a simple example in grasshopper that i want to use to change the thickness of the curved slabs while moving them up and down. However i cannot use the sweep function properly. After creating the cross-sections along the various curves (i am using arcs for the moment), i cant insert them properly the sweep function.
    Is it possible to give me an email to send you the grasshopper file?

    I am also wondering if there is a way to make curves to collide. In maya this can be done with dynamics which is totally different. Could i create such a function in the grasshopper?

    thank again!

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