Grasshopper Voronoi Diagram


Download the definition.

(right click and save target as)

Some nice people over in Spain (Laboratorio de Arquitectura y Computación) have made a nifty video detailing on how to use the thing:

Source code of the Vornoi2D node.

Have fun, and drop a line if something isn’t working the way it should (take care to select the boundary points in order – clockwise or trigonometric – doesn’t really matter).


7 thoughts on “Grasshopper Voronoi Diagram

  1. Hello jkhfrfjgh,

    It IS grasshopper xml. Just right click and “save link as…” voronoi2D_01.ghx.
    True, if you just click the link you’ll get a bunch of xml code in your browser.

    hope it helps, d.

  2. i right click and “save link as…” , give the file the name “voronoi2D_01.ghx” and try to open in it in grasshopper and i get the following message in a window titled Grasshopper IO “IO generated 1 messages, would you like to see them?” with options Yes and No. After clicking Yes Grasshopper Event Log window pops up and I see the following message “Data at the root level is invalid. Line 1, position 1.” Nothing happens after pressing No.

    Can you please help? thanks

  3. dimitrie, nevermind got it to work. I was saving the target under the [ “Source Code” of the Voronoi2D node ] instead saving the target where it reads “Download the definition”

    • @ d : I found a guy that created a series of tools and definitions to install as a plug in, that does just that : fillet cells, he also has his own Voronoi tool in rhino that creates RANDOM cells on a surface.

      here is the link :

      So I tried combining the Vornoi2D with his Curve Network Fillet, and had to simplify the output of the first one because the OVERLAPPING curves seemed to make this buggy.

      Even simplified it didn’t always work, which brings me to my question to DIMITRIE :

      ___ Could you possibly make a version of you tool with no overlapping curves ? ___

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