Grasshopper Voronoi diagram (update)


For those who really like to play with voronoi regions and stuff, here’s the final grasshopper definition file (right click, save target as – else you’ll get a ~250kb of useless xml in your browser window).

The vcell component outputs now individual cells as closed polylines and closed nurbs curves. This is useful if you are using this for some urban project like i am i would have liked to, mostly due to easy offsetting and area calculation possiblities – included in the definition file – or height extrusion – included as well. You can even go further and color (using shaders) each cell coresponding with its mass/area/height etc.


8 thoughts on “Grasshopper Voronoi diagram (update)

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  2. didi, awesome.

    would it be very hard to have a guide surface, as you can with the ptreconstruction set that David Rutten made for Rhino? AND if I wanted the spaces between the cells, once offset, how would I get that…?

  3. I’m still getting the useless xml document, which i obviously can’t open as a gh file in grasshopper. don’t know what’s wrong, please help!!!!

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