Grasshopper Voronoi 2D examples

Voronoi Examples Grasshopper

Out of popular demand, I have compiled a nice file detailing the possible uses of the Voronoi node, complete with the accompanying rhino file.

Download. (60 kb .zip)


11 thoughts on “Grasshopper Voronoi 2D examples

  1. my pleasure! if you would like to lemme see what you’re going to do with the thing, please do so 🙂 i’m interested to what further use my work is put to (gives me some sort of intellectual satisfaction).

  2. hey man… one more q..?
    the script that you implemented into grasshopper is working only if boundary points are forming a shape in xy plane. Is it possible to turn it vertically if you know what I mean.
    I am trying to apply modified version for the facade design. of course i could finish everything , bake and then rotate , but… right way is something else :)…
    and letting you know about the result as soon as competition is finished

  3. Hi Dimitrie,

    Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge. We are ussing your script for Voronoi. It’s been awesome.

    But we have a little problem: we managed to defined the border and the inner points, but somehow there are 2 areas that adds up. We tried assigning the points in several different ways, but it doesnt help to solve the problem.

    Is there a specific sequence to assign the points?

    I uploaded the definition and the Rhino file here:

  4. dimitrie,

    i am a big fan of your work.
    i have a problem perhaps you can help.
    we are looking for a scripts that can read in
    curves from the rhino contour function then flatten, label and space them for laser cutting. what is the best way to go about this either in grasshopper or vbs scripting.

    thanks in advance

  5. Hey Dimitrie!
    This definition is so cool, exactly what I need for building a 3-D Voronoi Diagram! Since I want to project light onto the surfaces of the cells I need them to be closed tho.. I tried with a cap-param but it closed the cell only at the bottom, not on the top.. Do you have any idea how I could close the surface?


  6. Hey Dimitrie!

    you just saved my facade! This definition is perfect!!
    Got a slight problem though.. I entered my own poins, the voronoi itself works perfectly,Nurbs cells and straight cells both looking good, but then the offset is not working on all cells and i‘m not getting any error.. any ideas??

    Thanks in advance!!

    • Hey dimitrie and M . i am also developing a facade on voronoi pattern, so can you help me in this. Well i am new to grasshopper so i am taking a lot of time to generate a facade. Please urgent help needed …

      Many thanks …

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