HTWK Leipzig Lecture online

Who’s interested can just grab a pdf file of the whole 91 page keynote here (quite a large file).


I talked about some projects I did (some together with Veronica Popescu) over the last two years, always insisting on the computational approach and detailing the techniques used.


I presented scripting approaches and more interactive (parametric) grasshopper based modeling. Some  Processing based approaches were presented and I insisted on the necessity of using multiple open tools that can be made to communicate between one another.


I tried to clearly mark out the relationship between fabrication and the overall design – how material properties and building techniques inform the design and viceversa.


Reactions were good, and it seems computational approaches are definetively stirring people up.

Thanks are required to Patrick Bedarf, who made this possible and is proving to be an excellent host in Leipzig, and also to prof.  Henning Rambow for all the support.

Also if you are reading this from Leipzig and are interested in joining us tommorow at 16.oo @ HTWK computer pool for some hands-on grasshopper work, there’s  no one stopping you.


10 thoughts on “HTWK Leipzig Lecture online

  1. Hi dimitrie ! you have very impressive work put up. i’m really interested in how u did the urban bacteria project. it is very similar to what we’re doing, except where yours expands with amount of sunlight ours expands with the amount of ‘nutrients’ the biological component can get from exhaust vents. if u get what i mean. (it’s the same kind of tubular lofts manifestation like forms)are there more details of that project on your blog somewhere? i’ve only just started with grasshopper… if u could help it would be great.
    our friends recently started this blog, and that carbon chain thing is a trial

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