Delaunay Triangulation in Grasshopper

dimitrie stefanescu

(right click save target as)

Delaunay Triangulation in Rhino‘s Grasshopper plugin.

It’s pretty straightforward. Just don’t input in the magic node duplicating points or everything will start blowing up.


First one to make it output the voronoi diagram wins a candybar.


19 thoughts on “Delaunay Triangulation in Grasshopper

  1. For some reason when I open the file it says there are 42 errors. It never allows me to see anything other than the error screen. Is anyone else getting the file to work?

  2. hey brandon, i don’t know what the problem is but there is one thing to check – grasshopper version 0.6 revision 12+?
    i didn’t get any complains that the def isn’t working, so check the above or maybe download it again (sometimes bytes can get wrong, esp if using a download client).

  3. I don’t believe it is possible to convert this to a voronoi diagram. Please someone correct me if I am wrong, but a voronoi when using the circle calculation has to be 2D and since this delaunay is more of a 2.5D the triangulation would need to be projected to a flat plane before producing the voronoi. If this delaunay were actually a 3d delaunay, I’m assuming the calc needs to be with spheres and not circles, a 3d voronoi could be constructed as well. This script seems to be between two possible voronoi diagrams. Please correct me if I’m wrong. I really need someone to develop a 3D Delaunay and not a surface Delaunay. See this link for an example below the robot arm for a 3d Delaunay. Thanks!

  4. i tried the first link to download, doesn’t work, and i tried the second link and save as .ghx, however still not working… did i do something wrong in the process? thanks!

  5. hi dimitrie, for the first link, the window pop up said “site not available… for the second link, what file should i save us? cos if save as .ghx not seem to work. thanks

  6. Hello,
    unfortunately this was quite stupid of me. I fixed the link (which should work fine right now; it was pointing to a .ghx instead of the .zip – i have no idea how this came about). I’m sorry i’m not that coherent at times.

  7. thanks again for this. if I want single lines instead of the closed polylines, which exploded would produce duplicate, is there a quick way to fix the code to make this happen?

  8. Hi dimitrie,

    I’m trying to get open the file in the newest (but not work in progress) grasshopper version. It’s a zipped file when I download it, but it then shows up as a ghx file. I should just be able to open it right?

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