Grasshopper and Processing talking via OSC

/sneak preview.

Definition file (.ghx).

Referenced assembly (.dll).

Please note that the referenced assembly is based entirely on code from


6 thoughts on “Grasshopper and Processing talking via OSC

  1. This is really nice. I am writing something like this to connect to Arduino and openframeworks. It would be the next step, though, to have this completely in the C#/VB component (no referenced assembly). It would be somewhat easier to use and more lightweight. Are you doing it or should I? 🙂

  2. Hola Giulio,
    please go ahead 🙂 my exam session is just starting, so sadly i don’t know when i’m gonna have time to dig through this again.
    i don’t really agree about the lightness though if we pop everything up in a scripting component… these things get recompiled every new refresh, as far as i remember from the old gh google group. but then again, you worked some serious magic with the engine components, so maybe you know more on this… you can get the source code of the link in the post, or there are quite a few other implementations of osc.

    man, i’d love to get some hacking done together in the future 🙂

  3. yes, I have been following the OSC .net development for a bit now for these very purposes. gonna dip in and see if I can’t get info into GH from sources out there….

  4. have been trying to reproduce this sketch
    with a string of streaming data .. am having difficulty on the processing side … wondering if you could post the processing file for the ghx definition to get me started with the workflow

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