4h metro

Recently we were allowed the use of computers at one of our one-day-long exams – so my school is finally living up to the attribute change in my about page – it used to be horrible, now it’s damp. A real improvement in life quality.

Here’s the outcome: judge it lightly since the overall design was conceived with a specific public in mind during a brief four hour period, including plotting.

Man, this post is definitively sarcastic. I’m working on improving that 🙂 (as in downplaying the sarcastic note).


5 thoughts on “4h metro

  1. Trains are rolling! I like the colourful but decent images a lot. What wonders me is, if the structural/material system consists of 2 elements (colomns & roofing) or possibly of one homogenious articulation?!

    However, within only 4 hours – respect! Somehow I have to remember your workflow for the corean competition 😉

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