Making you more curious

Winning entry for DuPont + igloo‘s Changing the FaceCasa Poporului. Idea sparked off with Raresh Dragoiu of drr_____ fame.

dimitrie stefanescu rares dragoiu

dimitrie stefanescu rares dragoiu

dimitrie stefanescu rares dragoiu

Jury was composed of:

prof. arh. Dorin Stefan (DSBA)

arh. Bruno Andresoiu (igloomedia)

Anne-Line Citrene (DuPont France)

Gabi Rottes (DuPont Germany)

Some pictures from the exhibition, which can be seen at the University Underground Passage until the 7th of December (09):


6 thoughts on “Making you more curious

  1. Buna, suntem colegi, eu sunt mai mare…
    Am o prietena care vrea sa faca un documentar, ea fiind la unatc, legat de casa poporului si noua ei fata, si doreste sa vorbeasca cu cateva persoane implicate in proiectul la care tu ai lucrat, daca tu nu vrei poate ii recomanzi pe cineva, dar poate vrei. Astept vesti!
    Am lasat mailul meu. Merci. S.

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