Automatic Architecture 2010 @ TU Delft

During the 15-17th of December I will be tutoring at the automatic architecture event at the TU Delft. Here’s some info from the official site:

Automatic-architecture is a three-day workshop (15th-17th December 2010) open to architects and students in order to show the use of computational design for architectural development by cross-fertilization of knowledge. The cases for the workshops has been collected from a real estate developer and, in cooperation with the University of Delft this case has been translated into workshop material.

Costs: Euro 75,- for three days.

Automatic-architecture offers room for thirty participants. The workshops will be held at the Technical University of Delft starting Wednesday December 15.



2 thoughts on “Automatic Architecture 2010 @ TU Delft

  1. Hi,

    I am a PhD student at TU Delft Faculty of Arch. Department of Urbanism. My PhD research is on ‘Pattern Formation in Urban Design’. I mainly deal with the planning and design process of urban form. In a section of the research, I also want to evaluate the recent trends in pattern design in terms of ‘parametric urbanism’. For this purpose, I want to learn computational design by grasshopper at a very basic lavel.

    On the other hand, I have no experience with the software before and I would like to participate your workshop at TU. That’s why; I am a bit sceptical about my level for the workshop.

    In this sense, if you let me know about the possibility of my attendance to you workshop, I would be really grateful.

    Best regards.

    • Yes for sure you can join. Please email the organizer – Pim Marsman – about your intention to participate. The deadline’s a bit off, but the list is still open as far as i know.

      You can get pim’s email from the workshop website.
      See you there!

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