Design Explorations

Please note that this page is not ready yet – at the moment it’s just a useless list. I’m working on it (actually other things come first) and it will be done asap. In the meantime you can search on the main blog or you can browse some of my projects.



Grasshopper talking to Processing via OSC

3D Voronoi (QHull link)

Delaunay Triangulation

Multiple Attractors

2d Voronoi

Multiple Attractors

Parametric Towers


Ribbing (notching) script and tutorials

Massive Unroll Script

Adaptive Fenestration Script

SPRscrpts (Superforumula, Supertori, Sphere harmonics


Urban Circulation Study

Spherical Deconstructions

Diffusion Limited Aggregation

Spherical Harmonics

Words (theater play projection)

2 thoughts on “Design Explorations

  1. Dear Dmitri,

    I am a student in Monterrey TEC, in Mexico. I came upon your site looking for some tutorials of grasshopper and thinking maybe you can help me with a net I want to design. basically what it is like a 2d grid from grasshopper but in 3d, fully fully controllable of course. I want to do something like the image in this web site:—page-12/2009-1008_3-5667576-12.html

    I figured that connecting points and lines kind of works (point and line input AB command) but the line length changes when I move a point. what i want to be able to do is to move a point and drag others but keep the line segments constant, just as a real net.

    By seeing your great work I think you may be a good person to ask this question. Hope you can help, thanks for your time.

    Congratulations on your work, I really enjoyed it, specially the urban bacteria project.

  2. sal
    apreciez enorm proiectele tale ,ma lasa fara cuvinte
    ma gandeam ca poate mapoti ajuta cu ceva…
    am facut un amarat de program in processing si nu stiu cum sa -l export in Rhino
    am descarcat supercadul si exemplele din pagina aia nu merg ,imi dau o groaza de erori
    ce sa fac ?
    sau imi poti sugera alta metoda de a incarca in rhino codul de processing ?

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