Recently I’ve been guest-tutoring /tutoring some workshops and giving some lectures in the same time:

*First Parametric Workshop at HTWK Leipzig alognside Ioulietta Zindrou, Maite Bravo, Verena Volger, Luis Fraguada (of Barcelona/IAAC fame), Henning Rambow, Patrik Bedarf (Leipzig crew);


*Rule-Based Design Workshop organized by Christophe Barlieb at the TU Berlin. Here‘s the academic paper that i co-authored (alongside Christophe Barlieb, Kristoffer Josefsson, Sven Pfeiffer, Ines Putz, Norbert Palz, Martin Tamke ) at the end of the workshop.


*Parametric Modelling Workshop also at the HTWK Leipzig (which basically consisted of a lecture and some impromptu grasshopper modelling). You can see the lecture here.


One thought on “Lectures/Workshops

  1. im trying to do a vonoroi skin for on a building for school using grasshopper i want to skin to be able to print the skin when i am done. can you please help me?

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