Multiple Attractors Revisited


Again, out of popular requests during some time since the original was made, I have cleaned up the multiple attractors definition file. Included is also an example of attractors influencing the aperture openings of a given surface. The definition is now much more explained (exccesive use of post-it notes). Have fun, and download!

Download. ( 40kb .zip)

8 thoughts on “Multiple Attractors Revisited

  1. Hi, Your work is very interesting.
    But I have a problem. I was looking for a way to merge two circles in grasshopper.
    in my grasshopper file is not merged 2 circles.
    Can you please explain me or solve the problem As a novice in grasshopper, it would be really helpfull.

    thank you for your time

    • hmm, don’t know what this has to do with attractors, but you can try looking in the intersect tab, over to the boolean operations, there’s some curve boolean things available. take care, d.

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